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Healing Practitioners

At Cabin Creek, we believe in always prioritizing well-being - Which includes tending to your psyche, soul, and spirit. In the age of such busy energy, it can be difficult to take a gentle step back and reconnect with our inner light.

We lovingly invite you to pause, reflect, and consider booking a session with our team of experienced practitioners.

See details below on how to book your next appointment today! 

Our Services

Do you want a sacred space to offer your service and be supported on your healers journey? 

We are offering up our space for healers to reserve time in our sacred crystal garden. We provide advertising space on our website, Instagram and Facebook as well as referrals to all who visit our retail store and event space. We also offer complimentary tea and crystal water.

If you are interested, please reach out to

Are you a healing practitioner? 

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