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This 12 oz Natural Soy Wax Candle connects you with your Heart Chakra. 


Enjoy a perfect blend of rose petal fragrance with complimentary notes of Carnation, Lily Of the Valley, and Ylang Ylang. 


A unique touch of dried herbs and flowers, handpicked by our level 1 Reiki staff; are spread across the tops of our candles for decorative and metaphysical purposes. Comes in a tin vessel great for travel and reusing, with a bamboo lid for sealing. Includes two hand-selected crystals to amplify your connection with your Heart Chakra.


Rose Quartz: Promotes unconditional, self, romantic, platonic, and motherly love; caring, kindness, and friendship.


Clear Quartz: Promotes purified energy. Amplifies intentions. Healing. Psychic abilities. Clarity + calmness.


Clean burning 48+ hours | Paraffin, Sulfate, Phthalate, Gluten, and GMO-free


My Ritual Tip: Upon lighting this candle, focus on your heart. This candle is paired with two hand-picked crystals to help amplify your intention. 

Go Love Yourself

  • Our Cabin Creek Intention Candles are created with a blend of natural soy wax & premium phthalate-free fragrance oils. Made in house, our team has carefully selected the perfect scent & crystal pairing for each of our signature candles based on metaphysical & spiritual qualities. 

    The crystals that accompany the candle can be taken out before lighting the candle, or can be left in the wax while the candle burns for an extra intentional & metaphysical charge. If you decide to keep them in the wax as the candle burns, they can be left until they've reached the bottom. Once your candle is done scoop them out with a heat safe tool, soak them in a small cup of water & wash the residue of wax off with care. Enjoy your new crystals and add them to your collection or altar space!

    We intend for these candles to aid you on a journey of manifestation & healing upon lighting its wick. 

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